streetfighter game

A streetfighter clone I made in the first year of my school
streetfighter is property of capcom, and this program was made for educational purpose
all sprites and sounds used here are property of capcom

this was for the course programming where we learned the basics of programming using C++ as language
this project was made for the exam in the first semester
I learned the basics of programming, C++, pointers, variables, functions classes etc
using a basic engine made bij Kevin Hoefman, one of my programming teachers

the second semester focused on writing C++ applications without engine

here are a few screenshots of the game:
the game was made at a resolution of +- 300-200 pixels
so the screenshots are low res

an animated menu with scrolling text, animated background (spritesheet), and buttons selectable with keyboard or mouse
when selecting one of the game modes you go to the character select screen, where you can select your character
all characters use the ryu spritesheet
when the game starts you can play against another player (no AI / bot / computer)
the game also supports an xboxcontroller
there is 1 combo in the game: hadoken
press down left or down right + punch to fire hadoken
you can also block an attack when you walk backwards the moment you get hit
this depletes your block bar, and you do a little block animation

there are also sounds integrated for almost every attack or option (like clicking a button)
and there is a scrolling background if you walk to the edge of the screen

you can get a rar with the game executable and sourcefiles here:
mirror mediafire
mirror rapidshare