gameJam C-Mine

I participated in the Belgian GameJame
This is my first gamejam, and it was awesome

here is a small look at the game when we were halfway (vid1)and a look at the presentation of the games (I'm in team4) (vid2)

I am representing team 4 in the video
the other team members are Jetro Volders and Jim Bollansée
(we got first place)

here is a blogpost with all the entries from the organizers
ps: the game was made in processing, a language I learned on the gamejam. I wrote most of the code for the final version, but without Jim I wouldn't be able to do it, since he did most of the thinking behind the mechanics, and thought me the basics of the language. He coded his own version of the game, which was way more awesome but not finished in time. If you never have tried out a gamejam, I highly recommend it. This was my first one, I had almost no experience in anything, and I still had a blast.