Cube Link


Cube Link is a puzzle game I made in one month during my vacation. Flowgames like flowfree and especially 3D logic inspired me, but I always wanted to rotate around the whole cube.So I decided to create my own version in Unity. It was a bit of a struggle with gimbal lock at first, but once that was out the way everything went pretty smooth. I had my first experience with pathfinding to calculate the ends of a color line in the leveleditor.It's based on recursive looking at your neighbors color.
This was my first experience with app development for android, something I underestimated a lot. The core gamefeatures were finished in a week, but porting it to android took another one. (supporting touchcontrols etc) And the polishing, option menu, main menu, translating, and making extra levels took 2 more weeks.
I spended some time creating an icon, because an android app needs one. This turned out to be quite fun, and looking cooler than a game without one.


CubeLink is a flow puzzle game with a twist. By spinning the cube around you can connect colours in every direction. Unlock more challenging levels as you progress or compete for the best times on already unlocked levels.

- smooth controls
- progressing difficulty
- Unique 3 dimensional puzzles
- supports all resolutions
- no inApp purchases
- Unlockable levels
- Supported Languages: English, Dutch, Russian, German, Chinese, Hungarian

Some levels have only been solved by 2 in 400 people!
Can you handle the challenge?

video explaining the level editor and gameplay
unity thread