fire extinguisher

This was my entry for the Construct 3D challenge.
I ended as runner up in the prop category
As a reward I got a sketchfab Pro account, a skyshop license, and a dDo license
thanks for organising this contest and thanks to all the sponsors for the awesome prizes :D

comparing results from sketchfab against verold
they both have their advantages, but marmoset looks still the best
For online services I prefer sketchfab for friendlessness It has a few flaws but if you split materials you can do almost anything

I cant control the fresnel ( enviromental reflection )
it affects the whole object so i need separate materials where I dont want it
for the hose this is a problem since there are parts that have metal and rubber on the same polygon

I emailed sketchfab how to control the fresnell and it is controlled by the specular
it would have beeen better if the gloss controlled this
the gloss in sketchfab works in a weird way, it feels like it fakes the gloss instead of doing it properly
a less glossy surface would also have less enviromental reflection/ a more blurry reflection/ a more diffuse lightning