global gamejam 2012

create a game in 48 hours with a team of random people, global gamejam was awesome
I convinced a classmate to tag along, first he was a little hesitant, but afterwards he loved it

so there was this awsome intro , the theme was an image of a snake biting his own tail

After we got the theme, we started brainstorming, teamed up with random people, and started brainstorming some more. I concepted a few character designs which the team liked , and they put me in charge for designing the characters. I designed and animated them while the rest took care of the background, props, programming, and leveldesign.

here is everything I did in the following 48 hours (I did sleep and eat, staying awake for so long is not really my thing)

we uploaded our game here, you should be able to see some screenshots and download the project
at the end of the jam, we did a little vote, and our team scored second place
this was the super cool location, me and my team on the left, and Toon (my classmate) on the right

and the full credits (including the nicknames we gave eachother) :
Howard Abrahall - Project Lead, Environment Artist, Level Designer, GUI, Dialogue, Game Concept, Game Designer, Environment Concept Art.
Robin Marcx - Unity Programmer, Game Designer. RHINO LOVER AND MAD DEBUGGER.
Hannes Delbeke - Character Artist, Animator, GUI, Character Concept Artist. ART SPEED MACHINE.
Tom Lissens - Environment Artist, Propsand Assets, Environment Concept Art. CREATOR AND DESTROYER OF WORLDS.
Jochen Derwae - Sifteo Cube Programmer, Game Designer, Game Concept. CUBULAR AWESOMENESS

Also check out their amazing sites:
Jochen : GroovyDino
Robin & Tom : Lugus Studios