Game dev party

The theme of the jam was survive,
a few people pitched their idea,
and after that I joined the team "last stand"
We created a multiplayer game with 8 people
I was the art director, made sure everything fitted together
Aurore did the animations, and we both worked on the UI and 3d models
There were 2 gamedesigners in our team: Pierre and Pierre .
And 4 programmers: Geff, Théo, Antoine et Nicolas

This weekend I went to the Game dev party in Lyon
I hitchhiked from Montpellier to Lyon, got incredible lucky
A moslim picked me up even before I started hitchhiking
and gave me a direct ticket to Lyon
He talked about god the whole time (4 hour) and I had an interesting conversation with him
when I arrived there I took the bus

Then I decided to hitchhike back, but I wasn't that lucky, it's 8pm
after half an hour I found someone who could bring me to Vallence
he was a christian and I also had an interesting conversation with him
when I arrived I realised it was a bad spot, no place to sleep and almost no traffic
the little bit traffic that passed went to Lyon
so I decided after 2 hour to go back to Lyon
but I get dropped at a station somewhere between Lyon and Vallence
I try to hike there but nobody picks me up, and after 2 hour I decide to go back to Lyon (again)
but when I cross the highway on a bridge, I meet someone from the restaurant who tells me it's better to stay here for the night
because it is sunday, the trucks don't drive
so I go back, draw a bit, and then a truck driver comes
He brings me to Orange
there a friend of him works at a station, and a friend of him Brings me to Nimes
but Nimes is also pretty desolated, almost no traffic, and after an hour trying to get a ride,
I get picked up by another Moslim with the name Amen, and he never picks up hitchhikers (except today for some reason)
so when I asked him why, he said it was a reflex
then I take the tram to the center of Montpellier, and I walk the rest
I arrive at 7am and only get rides from religious people