23h BD

Aurore, the other artist from my team at the GameDevParty told me about this contest. "les 23 heures de BD"
It's like a jam but with a comic instead of a game
So I decided to give it a shot, teamed up with Aurore, and did the concepts and coloring. She did the story,shotdesign and lineart.
We didn't had enough time, and we both overslept, and since we communicated through skype it was hard to know what was going on on the other side. But for a first comic for both of us, in only 23 houres, we did pretty good I think.

You can check the submission here
I didn't manage to upload all the stuff on time

colored pages:


A big thing I learned from all my jams is that communication is key when working together in a team. I try to improve my communication every time, but it is still easier to stand next someone and talk face to face, compared to chatting over skype.
I had a lot of fun coloring this one, tried out some new things (russian sun). It was really hard to not change the lineart, and try to work with what I had. I always want to make it look as best as I can, but knowing that there was only 23 hours forced me to work on the next image.
Another thing I learned is that you don't need amazing artskills to create a comic. Even with simple graphics you can draw a story.