Ludum Dare 26

I participated for the first time in the Ludum Dare ,jam and compo
jam is in a team , compo is alone

Our jam game takes place in space. The gameplay is a it random, you are some kind of comet and when you get close to debris or stuff in space, it attaches to you. You then have to gain speed by orbitting around planets. Finally you can lose your debris by crashing into planets, and then you can go into a black hole to end the game. I had a lot of fun creating a skydome. First I made a painting, after that i started to topolyogyse it in 3dsmax and extract champher bevel ... to get a paralax effect. I got inspired by this blogpost about the homeworld backgrounds and took this as a chance to try it. It was a lot of work and the effect is almost not noticeable in some places. It also looks better if there is less details and more of a polygon look. I learned quite a few tricks for parallax in 3d out of this and i am happy that I tried it. But next time I'll do it a faster way. Also at the end I discovered the ones in Homeworld where created with a script ><
I also did a bit tweaking in unity, some effects, flare and particles, textures, and conceptart
you can download our game and source code here

I would like to thank my teammembers:

- Adrien Albertini, Developer
- Aurelia Binetti, 2D Artist
- Leon Denise site, Developer, 3D Artist

the scores got published (there were 2346 games submitted and we are on 39 for graphics :D )
Coolness 100%
#39 Graphics(Jam) 4.26
#89 Innovation(Jam) 3.55
#100 Mood(Jam) 3.54
#149 Overall(Jam) 3.46
#171 Audio(Jam) 3.26
#226 Fun(Jam) 3.04
#253 Humor(Jam) 2.24
#350 Theme(Jam) 3.08

at the end of the weekend most people went home because they had to get a train, or had school or work the next day, and we finished our game pretty early.
I used the leftover time to create a small game for the compo and i took the jam theme, simplicity, quite literally.
This game was made in 3 hours, and was kind of an experiment with rigidbodies.
I was really tired the last day, so I was blanking out of ideas at that moment, and I asked Max (one of the organisers) what I could make, something that could be done in 3 hours to still make the deadline. So he told me slap the fish, and then smack it. First I was like, dude thats the worst idea ever. But then I thought, I ll just try it, in the worst case I lose 3 hours. And the end result was so funny (especially after a weekend without a lot of sleep) and everyone was like, dude did you really made a game of that stupid idea? And everyone who played it started laughing.
It's called "Slap the fish" and you have to press A (or Q) to slap the fish. you can play it here :
got place 28 for humor haha, i didn't expected this
seems the humor bar is quite low
guess next time i might try to make a funny game to make people laugh
#28 Humor 3.84