ImagineCup 2013

Together with 3 people from school, we created a game for the Microsoft Imaginecup 2013.
I didn't knew my teammembers very well at the start, since they were 1 year lower then me in school, but Glen brought us all together. And if there is 1 thing I can be sure of, he's a great programmer.

So we started bouncing around ideas on skype during exams, and decided to create a towerdefense that teaches the player about the enviroment etc. Then during my internship
I worked every evening on this in my free time. I learned more during this project then I did in the whole last semester of school. This is the best team project I have worked on so far, and I think it's because we all worked on this because we wanted to, not because we had to for school.

Meet the team:
Glen Decauwsemaecker
Hannes Delbeke
Wim Van Brussel
Joeri Vromman

On this project I provided art direction, conceptart, models, and textures.
Telling other people to work in a certain artstyle, or telling them what they should work on, is really hard. But it was a valuable experience.
Creating the conceptart was something I really enjoyed.
Playing around with shapes and colors, hearing ideas from your team and trying to visualize them, and making sure everything fits together, was a lot of fun.
After this I created a basic asset, to show the style I wanted the game to have, and I made some paints of the game.
Then we started making assets, discussing wh at worked and what didn't.
Meanwhile Glen had made a mapeditor, and a basic engine.


We also made a thread on polycount: Polycount
and you can follow updates on our blog: Greentower