During my internship I worked at the Gamebakers, a indie studio located in Montpellier.

My tasks on ComboCrew:

- I wrote a screenshot exporter that created all the screenshots in correct size for the asset store.
Because of localization, every screenshot had to be exported in different versions for every language, and because of different hardware the screenshots had to be exported in several resolutions. The script automatically created all these variations in a few minutes. Manually this took 2 full days.
It s been feautered on their blog
- Importing assets and setting up the UI and background according to the conceptart.
- Creating particles such as the supermove one, and inputted a lot of animationframe collision data
- Setting up textures and optimizing them in atlasses
- Testing the game and writing bugreports

Having worked on this game, and seeing the final stage of a game taught me a lot.
I am also really proud to be in the credits, this was something I hadn't expected as an intern.
The crew of the GameBakers is really friendly, explaining and teaching me a lot, and I am really thankful I could be a part of this team.

For more info take a look on the official blog
Here are some screenshots and the trailer. Enjoy!

an interview with the GameBakers recorded during my internship

links to the appstores Itunes & Google Play
the Gamebakers