Mini Ludum Dare

For the mini ludum dare I teamed up with a few friends to create a game with the theme "end of the world" based on "the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy". We focussed more on the hitchhiker part, and made a hitchhike game in space. Our MiniLudumDare became even more mini: 2 of our teammembers had a meeting on friday, so they couldn't make it. And when we got started saturday, we lost a lot of time finding a good location. My room was to small so we went to a friends room about half an hour on foot away, but he first had to clean his room. So when we started it was about 17h. And for some funny reason we also decided to swap roles. Coders make art and music, Artists do the coding. Since I was the only artist, I had to code the whole game. That was difficult since it was in Java, a language I never had used before. It was pretty easy to learn, and at the end of the day I had a hero that could move and shoot on the screen. However I had a feeling it was going way to slow, and it was the same with the graphics. The programmers underestimated it. So the next day we swapped back and redid almost everything the other person had done, and added a lot more stuff. So you could say it was a one day jam.

Things I learned from this jam:
- Organise your jam and look for a place, don't forget the food
- Make sure the location is cleaned and ready to use
- Experimenting will increase chance of failing to finish the game, but will teach you something new.
- How to work with eclipse, Java, libgdx, and an engine from Camille

Meet the team:
- William Dyce
- Kevin
- Camille Bartalan
- Hannes Delbeke